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  • DLCC Denounces Passage of So-Called "Right to Work" Bill in Wisconsin


    CONTACT:  Carolyn Fiddler, National Communications Director, DLCC

    DLCC Denounces Passage of So-Called "Right to Work" Bill in Wisconsin

    WASHINGTON (March 6th, 2015) –– Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Michael Sargeant blasted Wisconsin Republicans for ramming so-called “right to work” legislation through the Wisconsin legislature. The measure has just received final approval from state Assembly Republicans and heads to Governor Scott Walker’s desk for his signature.

  • AZ Rep. Adam Kwasman Mistakes YMCA Campers for Migrants

    Republican State Rep. Adam Kwasman took time out of his legislative duties and congressional campaign to join protestors in Oracle, Arizona awaiting buses full of migrant children. When Rep. Kwasman saw a bus filled with children, he took the opportunity to describe to reporters the “fear on their faces” and tweet that it is “the abrogation of the rule of law.” Only, the bus wasn’t full of migrant children. It filled with YMCA kids on their way to summer camp.

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  • 2020 war room: Inside the secret plan to beat GOP gerrymandering

    From the Daily Kos:

    By Ian Reifowitz

    Image from Bill Marsh, New York Times

    What a great title, huh? At Netroots Nation in Detroit, there was a panel by that name, and it did not disappoint. Moderator Tom Bonier began by laying out how Republicans approach gerrymandering, and elections in general:

    If you can't win fair, change the rules.

    And that's pretty accurate. Republicans do this on any number of fronts, from voter suppression tactics such as reducing the number of days people can vote, making it harder or impossible to register and vote on the same day, purging the voter rolls in ways that throw legitimate voters off the rolls, and demanding voters show government-issued photo ID (although gun permits are allowed in Texas, naturally, but not college ID's). In addition to these, Republicans have excelled in mastering the redistricting process by gerrymandering districts at the local, state, and federal level.

    The two sides don't do it to anywhere near the same degree, however. In the runup to the 2010 elections, Republicans developed a $30 million plan called REDMAP to aid in their attempt to flip state legislatures and thus gerrymander districts going forward. As you can see above, it worked.

  • North Carolina Republican calls Sadism, Pedophilia, Bestiality "Types of Sexual Orientation"

    Previous WOTW inductee, North Carolina House Speaker Pro Temp Paul "Skip" Stam (R), strikes again.  Amidst a debate over a charter school bill, Rep. Stam took the opportunity to pass out a handout titled “What Is A ‘Sexual Orientation’?” to his colleagues on the house floor, which included over 30 definitions including sexual sadism, pedophilia, and bestiality alongside homosexual/gay/lesbian.

    Rep. Stam not only disparaged an amendment to the bill that would prevent charter schools from discriminating based on sexual orientation and gender identity, he also equated sexual orientation with a long list of sexual disorders.

    Rep. Marcus Brandon, the only openly gay member of the legislature, responded, “Pedophilia is not a sexuality, and we cannot continue in this body to keep calling things something [they’re] not. It’s offensive to a whole group of people”