"Leaders like Ira Hansen demonstrate once again how extreme and out of touch Republican state legislators have become. Nevada Republicans have now chosen an Assembly Speaker who 'proudly' flies the Confederate battle flag and complains about 'the lack of gratitude' among 'Negro leaders' for the fact that slavery has ended."


– The DLCC highlights how the 2014 Republican Wave fell short in the states –

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 6, 2014) - Today, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) released a memo and held a press call to assess the results of the 2014 midterm elections.

Full DLCC Election Overview Memo

DLCC Statement on 2014 Midterm Election

This has been a record-breaking year for us. We had our best fundraising year to date, recruited some of the best candidates we’ve ever seen, knocked on more doors than ever before-- but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the difficult political environment. Since 2010, Democrats have faced an unfriendly map on both national and state levels, but our successful voter turnout efforts produced important gains in the North Carolina House and defended the Iowa Senate and Kentucky House.

Arkansas GOP Candidate: Jack Ladyman, Tax Evader and Abuser

Republican Worst of the Worst

Arkansas Republican candidate for state House and former mayor Jack Ladyman is ethically challenged to say the least.

Dem State Legislative Campaigns Using “Obama-quality” Digital Ad Tools in Election’s Closing Days

With just days to go before Election Day, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) today announced a major new partnership with DSPolitical, the nation’s leading voter targeted digital ad network for Democrats and progressives. The timely pairing will bring the power of DSPolitical’s self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform – DemocraticAds.com – to Democratic state legislative caucuses and candidates through DLCCads.com.

DLCC's State of the States - October 28

"The Republicans have shown no compassion for the disadvantaged, no empathy for the unemployed and a callous disregard for public education."

The Rule of Six – assessing Democrats’ 2014 chances in state legislatures

2012 was a very successful election for state legislative Democrats. We gained eight new majorities, defended eight other narrow Democratic majorities, netted nearly 200 seats nationwide, and gained seats in seven states that were carried by Mitt Romney. After every big election victory, the winners have a lot more to defend the next cycle. And frankly, Democrats aren't afraid of playing a little defense.

DLCC's State of the States - October 14

"We believe circuit judge elections should be decided not on the basis of political parties or campaign contributions, but on which candidate is most knowledgeable, deliberative and fair in dispensing justice."

GOP-friendly St. Cloud House district in play

It's been Republican turf for decades. But Democrats say a St. Cloud legislative district could be in play for the upcoming election.

Winnie Brinks: One of four 'Races to Watch' in Michigan

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has highlighted the 76th District state House election as one of four “Races to Watch” in Michigan, and one of 69 nationwide.


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