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Latest News in California

  • CA Legislature Nears Record High Approval Ratings

    A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California shows near record-high approval ratings for the state legislature, where Democrats hold a supermajority in both chambers.

  • California Democrats raise state's minimum wage

    Working families in California will be getting help soon thanks to Democrats in the California legislature.

  • California Rising: With Democratic leaders, chronic deficits become surplus

    What a difference a Democrat makes - having a Democrat in the governor’s office and a supermajority in both houses of the legislature, that is.

    In 2010, as California’s Republican Governor was on his way out the door, the state was figuring out how to address a $19 billion budget deficit. Huge deficits were nothing new to the Golden State: they had faced a $16 billion deficit in 2008 and a jaw-dropping $41 billion deficit in 2009.

    Now, California is facing budget surpluses.

  • 2014 Analysis: California Democrats still rising

    In the days after Election 2012, which saw Democrats surge to a two-thirds supermajority in the California Legislature, Republicans insisted that the pendulum would soon swing back their way - that with "lower turnout" and "President Barack Obama no longer at the top of the ticket," voters would return the GOP to relevance in 2014. But three factors suggest the opposite may be true, and California Democrats may continue to rise in next year's midterms.

    First, it turns out that the new Democratic supermajority is extremely popular with voters.  Conversely, California Republicans remain in free-fall, recently dropping to fewer than 29% of the state's registered voters.  But most importantly for 2014, a recent analysis pairing Assembly election results and President Obama's district-by-district performance reveals that even after their 2012 surge, Democrats still have more opportunities for growth than Republicans.