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Latest News in Montana

  • Democrats Expand Healthcare Access to 70,000 Montanans


    CONTACT:  Carolyn Fiddler, National Communications Director, DLCC

    Democrats Expand Healthcare Access to 70,000 Montanans
    DLCC’s Grassroots Victory Program Helped Secure Votes Needed for Medicaid Expansion

    WASHINGTON, D.C. –– Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Michael Sargeant congratulated Montana Democrats for voting to expand Medicaid and provide an estimated 70,000 low-income Montanans with access to healthcare. The measure has just received final approval from the state legislature and heads to Governor Steve Bullock’s desk for his signature.

    “We congratulate Montana Democrats on their commitment to the well-being of tens of thousands of uninsured Montanans as they successfully bypassed the obstructionism of some of their Republican colleagues to expand Medicaid.

  • Happy Equal Pay Day, Ladies! These Republicans Think You Don’t Deserve It.

    April 14 is Equal Pay Day, an annual opportunity for hardworking men and women to pause and reflect on the fact that, on average, women still only make 78 cents for each dollar men earn.

    Republicans in Congress have repeatedly blocked Democrats’ attempts to pass pay equity legislation, and Republicans in state legislatures are in on the act, too. This year alone, the GOP has stymied equal pay bills in no fewer than five states.

    In Colorado, where women earn about 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, Republicans in a Senate committee voted in unison to kill the state’s Pay Equity Commission. The PEC was established by Democratic majorities in 2010 to study and suggest solutions to eliminating pay disparities encountered by women and minorities.

    • Shortly after Senate Republicans killed the commission, a bill reviving it was introduced in the state House, where Democrats – who hold a majority in the lower chamber – supported it in a party-line committee vote.
    • And then Republicans in the GOP-controlled Senate re-killed the commission in yet another party line committee vote just a week ago.

    This experience was echoed in Washington (where women also earn 80 cents for every man dollar), where the Democratic majority in the Washington House of Representatives passed equal pay legislation, only for Republicans to let the bill languish in the GOP-controlled Senate.

    Republicans in Virginia and Tennessee have spiked equal pay bills this year (79 and 83 women cents, respectively, on the man dollar). Republicans killed a similar measure in Montana, where women earn 74 cents for every dollar earned by men.

  • Montana Republicans Call Bill to Combat Campus Rape a "Mood Killer"

    In California, lawmakers have drafted a bill that would require colleges to adopt an affirmative consent standard to help fight the college rape epidemic. SB 967, the Student Safety from Sexual Assault bill, would also implement prevention and outreach programs to combat sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

    In the latest attack in the war on women, two Republicans in Montana balked at the bill, expressing their outrage that sexual consent would be a requirement by law. Republican State Rep. Mike Miller (Helmville) dismissed the bill as an intrusion and as "control" over "what happens in the bedroom." He shared on his Facebook page that the bill would be "tough to enforce" and that sexual consent was likely to be a case of "he said, she said."

    Republican candidate Joe Dooling (East Helena) even went so far as to say that sexual consent from both parties is a "mood killer."

  • Montana Republican Sends Ominous Warning Letter to Rental Tenants, Mocks Single Mothers

    From April 14, 2014:

    Montana state Rep. Dave Hagstrom (R) sent a pointed warning letter to the low-income tenants of one of his eleven rental properties in South Billings, cryptically telling them they should "accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do, or as ‘comfortably’ as they currently do.”

    Hagstrom also rails against a host of government services, saying the nation's financial problems stem from “free healthcare services at Riverstone Health, more money for food in schools for the kids, more money to help pregnant single moms stop smoking, more money to help elderly people get out of nursing homes and get individualized care in their own homes, etc." He also accuses his tenants, and all Americans, of "living in a bit of a fairytale lifestyle."

    From Montana Street Figher blog:

    If that weren’t enough, the Representative from Billings goes on to mock single mothers.  The government “creates a mindset that if I have kids and their dads are dead-beats, the government should buy my groceries and help me get a job while they provide day-care for my kids and send me to school to educate me so I can get a better job.”