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Latest News in New York

  • New York Legislature passes National Popular Vote

    The New York Legislature has passed a bill that would allow the national popular vote to determine the winner of presidential elections - once a minimum threshold of states agree - rather than relying on the Electoral College system currently in place. If signed by Governor Cuomo, the National Popular Vote inter-state compact would strengthen the democratic process by giving voters across the country an equal say in such elections. As it is, voters in states that reliably prefer one party over another are largely ignored by presidential candidates, with attention going instead to a handful of states perceived to be up for grabs.

    Several Democratic legislators said the compact would prevent presidential candidates from taking "safe" states, like New York, for granted. Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver released a statement underscoring the importance of the measure:

  • New York Senate GOP Kills State DREAM Act

    Republicans in the New York State Senate voted unanimously against the state version of the DREAM Act on Monday, rejecting the measure that provides expanded access to state tuition programs to young immigrants who may be undocumented. The bill had already cleared the Assembly and would have been signed by Gov. Cuomo had it not been blocked by Republicans.

    In a controversial and unscheduled vote, the State Senate rejected a bill to give undocumented immigrants access to state tuition assistance programs, one of several priority measures for progressive Democratic groups and unions.

    The measure, known as the DREAM Act, previously passed the Democrat-dominated Assembly, and Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he would sign it... The bill was two votes short on the final tally: No Republicans voted in support of the measure.

  • Final 2012 race decided… for the Democrats!

    In the end, the GOP’s hundreds of frivolous ballot challenges merely delayed the inevitable:  Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk has won New York state Senate District 46 by 19 votes – settling the final unresolved election of 2012 and reaffirming the fact that Democrats now hold three more seats than Republicans in the New York Senate.

    This was a true roller-coaster of a race, as well as an Essential one.

  • Democrats Victorious in New York Special Elections

    While the special election in New York’s 9th congressional district was the star of the show last night, Democrats enjoyed great news in down-ballot races.