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  • Rachel Maddow compares Pennsylvania GOP scheme to rig Electoral College to the honey badger who "does not give a bleep"

    The Rachel Maddow Show takes on the plan that Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature are pushing to change how the state allocates its Electoral College votes, comparing them to the famous and hilarious Honey Badger Youtube video narrated by Randall.

  • Virginia Senate committee kills legislation to change state's Electoral College vote allocation

    It just goes to show what shining a little light on a bad idea will do. The Washington Post is reporting that a Virginia Senate Committee has killed "a GOP plan to change the way Virginia allocates electoral college votes" even after the bill's sponsor proposed amendments in a last-ditch attempt to make the legislation not as bad.

  • GOP pushes "sore loser" bills to rig future Presidential elections in their favor

    The Washington Post takes a look at the attempt by Republican legislators to change how Electoral College votes are allocated in several states that President Obama won but have Republican controlled legislatures and Republican governors.