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AZ GOP Rep. Said “Everybody Shouldn’t Be Voting” — Do Republicans Agree?

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WASHINGTON — Arizona Republican Representative John Kavanagh admitted today that the party’s push to limit access to voting comes because Republicans believe “everybody shouldn’t be voting.” Kavanagh went on to imply that we should be more concerned about the “quality” of votes rather than the quantity, rhetoric that echoes historical justifications for race-based restrictions on voting. It’s no coincidence that the GOP’s voter suppression bills would disproportionately impact minority communities.

“The core principle of our democracy is the idea that every American should have a say in our elections,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Every Republican lawmaker should condemn this racist rhetoric, or they condone it. Based on the legislation they’ve been introducing in states across the country, I’m not holding my breath.”

Here’s a recap of the major developments in Republican voter suppression just this week: