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We win when more people get involved. It takes thousands of grassroots supporters and volunteers to flip state legislatures blue and defend our Democratic majorities in the states.

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The Impact of State Legislatures

State legislatures look different from state to state, but all across the country, they pass the laws that most affect Americans’ day-to-day lives, from reproductive choice to education funding to LGBTQ+ rights to criminal justice reform to health care, and more. Because state legislative districts are much smaller than congressional districts, state legislators are attuned to the needs of their community, accessible to their constituents, and know exactly what local problems need to be solved.

The person who represents you in your state legislature is just as important as who represents you on the federal level, if not more so. Find out who your state legislators are.

When We Win

Since 2016, Democrats have won majorities in states from New York to Colorado to Washington. They’ve passed policies to make it easier for people to vote, support their families, enshrine reproductive rights, protect the environment, address racial injustice, reduce gun violence, and much more. When Democrats win, we help our communities and move the country forward — one bill at a time.

Every state with a Democratic-controlled legislature has used its power to protect constituents, including protecting the right to an abortion, acting on gun safety, expanding Medicaid, and raising the minimum wage. Here are just a few examples of this tremendous work:

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