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BREAKING: Democrats Win Pennsylvania HD-113 Special Election

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats won a special election in Pennsylvania, successfully electing Thom Welby to HD-113, vacated by a Democrat elected to the state Senate. We are proud to have Representative-elect Thom Welby hold this district and his legislative experience as a chief of staff for the district will be indispensable in the fight for Pennsylvanians.

“Voters in Northeastern Pennsylvania rejected the radical politics of the GOP today,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Congratulations to Representative-elect Thom Welby and I know that he is ready to get to work from day one in the legislature. Momentum is on Democrats’ side going into 2022 as voters watch the Pennsylvania GOP drift further and further to the right, leaving behind hard-working Pennsylvanians across the Keystone State.”

Thom Welby is a long-time Pennsylvanian and public servant with experience as a chief of staff to the previous representative for the district for nearly a decade. He understands what it means to fight for working Pennsylvanians and is ready to pass vital legislation on day one.

The Pennsylvania GOP has used their majority to try to enact extreme legislation and are in the midst of a sham election review backed by insurrectionist Sen. Doug Mastriano and Donald Trump. Republican leaders in Pennsylvania have also pushed legislation that would undermine voting rights in this key battleground state and have been working tirelessly to try to pass draconian anti-abortion laws