REMINDER: Critical, Majority-Defending Michigan House Special Elections Are 1 Week Away

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WASHINGTON — Majority-deciding special elections in the Michigan House are 1 week away on April 16, and the outcome of two races is critical for the future of fundamental freedoms in the state. Michigan has been a shining example of progress since the Democratic trifecta was secured in 2022, but a GOP contender for one of the open seats would put Democrats’ hard-fought progress at risk. A reminder: Michigan GOP candidate Josh Powell said he opposes abortion “without exception” and would be open to repealing the state’s abortion protections. 

Michiganders have a chance to tell the GOP to back off their reproductive rights next week, when they vote for DLCC Spotlight Candidates Peter Herzberg and Mai Xiong, who are running to defend the Democratic trifecta. Speaker Joe Tate and Democrats must remain in charge, and defending the Democratic trifecta in Michigan on April 16th is a top-tier priority for the DLCC after we flipped both the Michigan House and Senate in 2022, securing a Democratic trifecta for the first time since 1984. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Next week’s special elections in the Michigan House will shape the trajectory of progress for Michiganders. Republican hostility to abortion protections underlines the stakes of these races, and how single legislative seats can represent pivotal moments in the ongoing fight to safeguard fundamental freedoms. This rings true in Michigan, where the Democratic trifecta has listened to voters and acted on their demands for reproductive freedom and progress in the state. Josh Powell’s candidacy has put this progress at risk. As the special elections draw near, supporting our DLCC Spotlight candidates Peter Herzberg and Mai Xiong, both of whom prioritize protecting fundamental freedoms and will fight GOP attacks at every turn, is critical. The trifecta is on the line and the DLCC is leaving nothing to chance to ensure that Speaker Tate remains the leader of this powerful chamber.” 

If you’re interested in covering these two crucial special elections in Michigan or connecting with either of the DLCC Spotlight candidates, please contact the DLCC Press Team at [email protected]

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