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Democrats Declare Victory in Virginia

Press Releases

RICHMOND, Va. — After spending more than $1.5 million and coordinating an unprecedented legislative campaign, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is declaring victory in Virginia tonight. 

“The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee made Virginia our top target in 2019 and that focus carried us to victory in the country’s most competitive election,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “I want to congratulate all of our incredible candidates, the committed staffers and volunteers in Virginia, and our amazing national partners. Their hard work and dedication has pushed the commonwealth forward into a new chapter.”

Democrats began the work of flipping the General Assembly in 2017, when they successfully flipped 15 House seats. They entered this year’s elections holding 49 districts in the 100-member House and 19 districts in the 40-member Senate. 

“While Republicans floundered under the albatross of Trump, Democrats focused on the issues that matter most to voters. Our candidates were united in protecting health care expansion, passing commonsense gun safety and investing in schools,” Post said. “We also benefited from Donald Trump’s unpopularity. As long as Trump continues to burn down Washington from his dumpster fire White House, Democrats will continue turning out to vote up and down the ballot.”

While Republicans haven’t won a statewide election in a decade, Democrats have not controlled the full General Assembly since 1995 and have not had trifecta control of state government since 1993.

“As a Virginian, I can say firsthand the commonwealth isn’t California or New York. This is still a swing state — but voters from both parties made it clear they agree with Democrats on the issues,” Post said. “A Democratic General Assembly is finally going to act on gun safety, they’re going to protect health care and they’re going to invest in schools.”

In December, the DLCC announced an early investment of $1 million in Virginia, which sent a clear signal the Assembly could be flipped — opening a floodgate of support from national progressive organizations and energizing the Democratic grassroots in the commonwealth. 

Tonight’s victory also has national implications. Democrats control both of Virginia’s U.S. Senate seats and won a majority of the state’s congressional delegation in 2018. 

“The GOP will no longer be able to gerrymander Virginia’s congressional maps, their already weak fundraising is going to dry up, and they’ll lose this state in 2020,” Post said. “Donald Trump can kiss the commonwealth goodbye. Virginia is for lovers, not haters.”

Since Donald Trump’s election the DLCC has flipped 10 legislative chambers from red to blue. In 2020, Democrats will target more than 20 Republican-held chambers in over a dozen states. 

“The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee spent this year out-fundraising, out-communicating and out-working our Republican counterparts — and we’re going to keep up the pace through next November,” Post said. “Ahead of this crucial redistricting cycle, Democrats won’t let up. We’re focused on flipping statehouses every bit as much as the White House.”