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DLCC Announces over 450 Red to Blue Flips Since Trump’s Election

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WASHINGTON — Thanks to last night’s special election wins in Massachusetts, the DLCC has now flipped over 450 seats from red to blue since Donald Trump’s election. These wins represent victories across the country from deep red states like Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisana to battlegrounds like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. 

Since 2016, the DLCC has had incredible electoral success, flipping 10 chambers red to blue across the country in states like Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, and Virginia. The committee raised a record $35 million toward flipping state legislatures in 2018 and plans to raise even more this cycle. 

In January, the DLCC announced its “Flip Everything” campaign to target more than a dozen Republican-held chambers across the country in 2020. The committee is on complete offense this year and is setting its sights on longheld, vulnerable GOP majorities in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. This cycle is critical as it’s the last chance for Democrats to build up power and flip state chambers before redistricting. 

“Democrats are heading into our most consequential election cycle in 20 years with energy and momentum on our side,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Our success in flipping 450 seats from red to blue puts us on track to gain even more ground in November. In the last redistricting cycle, GOP majorities rigged the maps making it harder for Democrats to compete across the country. We can’t let that happen again. Voters are tired of the extreme GOP agenda and that’s reflected in our incredible success since 2016.”