DLCC Announces Partnership with Run For Something

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September 27, 2017
Mara Sloan, DLCC Communications Director
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Amanda Litman, Run For Something
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DLCC Announces Partnership with Run For Something
Groups are banding together to help get more local Democrats elected
WASHINGTON — Today during a call with reporters, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director Jessica Post announced a partnership with the group Run For Something, which works to recruit and support passionate young people interested in running for elected office.

“This strategic partnership of our two organizations will boost our combined efforts to accomplish a shared and very important goal – getting more local Democrats elected to state legislatures around the country,” said Jessica Post. “As we head into the 2018 cycle and prepare to flip chambers ahead of crucial 2020 redistricting, we’re joining forces to help recruit the next generation of progressive leaders and equip them with the training, infrastructure, and resources they need to be successful.”

“We are so excited to be working with the DLCC to ensure that young, diverse, progressive folks can access the resources at the Democratic Party’s disposal,” said Ross Morales Rocketto, one of the co-founders of Run For Something. “This is a demonstration that many in the Party understand the moment that we are in and are taking action to capitalize on it.”

The DLCC is highlighting seven Run For Something-endorsed candidates on its Spotlight Races page at https://races.dlcc.org. These candidates are not just representative of the next generation of progressive leaders; their success is also critical to the expansion of Democratic strength in statehouses nationwide.

Candidates are running in states like Virginia, Maryland, and Minnesota and include:
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