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DLCC Calls on NH GOP to Condemn Republican Leader Jason Osborne

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WASHINGTON — In light of recent revelations that New Hampshire House Majority Leader Jason Osborne previously used racial slurs and engaged in stomach-churning rhetoric in a radical online forum, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is calling on the New Hampshire Republican members in the House to condemn Osborne’s rhetoric and remove him from leadership.  

“New Hampshire Republicans should ask themselves if they are comfortable being led by someone who used racial slurs and questioned the need for age of consent laws,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Osborne’s comments bring up serious questions about his judgment, his values, and his legislative agenda. Leaders set the agenda, tone, and priorities for their caucus — and Leader Osborne is clearly unfit for the job. If New Hampshire Republicans refuse to speak out against these horrendous actions by their leader, we must assume they agree. He must step down; his comments have no place in society.”

New Hampshire Republicans are deeply out of step with the average Granite Stater and have used their majority to pass dangerous legislation. Last year the Republican-controlled legislature signed the state’s first modern abortion ban into law, and earlier this year, the majority of House Republicans voted to continue debate on HB1477, a six-week abortion ban. Osborne himself clearly has a past with deep connections to fringe right-wing groups, and in a 4th of July tweet this year, he told Americans to “lay off the calories and grab a few more rounds for your AK-47.”