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DLCC Celebrates Black Legislative Leaders During Black History Month

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As Republicans continue to attack our fundamental freedom to vote, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is highlighting the incredible work of leading Black Democratic state legislators as they fight to defend our democracy and build a brighter future for all Americans. These leaders are at the forefront of every issue that affects our everyday lives, from voting rights to Medicaid expansion to passing common sense gun laws. Black women, in particular, have exemplified outstanding leadership in fighting for reproductive justice, childcare affordability, and economic mobility for women.

“Progress is being made in this country because of the tireless work of Black state legislators who are fighting every day for a brighter future,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “While Republicans want to legislate us back into the Jim Crow era, Black Democrats at the state level are fighting for our freedom to vote, access to affordable health care, and expanding economic opportunity for the communities they serve. History has shown that our government works best when it reflects the community it represents. That is why the DLCC is proud to support our Black state legislators who are not only working for progress today but are building power for generations to come.” 

State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy. While state legislatures have a long way to go before they reach parity, across the country Black lawmakers are leading their states towards better policies and equity for all. Below is a roundup of several compelling Black legislators in leadership.