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DLCC Congratulates Manka Dhingra On Strong Primary Performance

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August 2, 2017
Alexandra Weinroth
[email protected]
DLCC Congratulates Manka Dhingra On Strong Primary Performance
Democrat Manka Dhingra Was the Top Vote Getter Heading into November General Election
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post congratulated Manka Dhingra on her strong performance in the August primary heading into the special election for Washington Senate District 45. Dhingra, a featured DLCC Spotlight Race candidate, was the top vote getter in a head to head contest with her Republican opponent and a third party and walked away with over 50% of the vote thus far. DLCC is encouraged by these results as the Committee continues to support Dhingra in this critical race for majority control of the Washington State Senate.
“Manka is an exceptional candidate and a prime example of how state Democrats are turning enthusiasm into wins at the legislative level,” said Post. “DLCC is actively engaged on the ground and providing strategic and financial support to restore Democrats’ rightful majority in the chamber. With an influx of local volunteers ready to knock doors and call their neighbors in support of Manka, DLCC stands with the campaign and looks forward to Washington joining the ranks of Democratic legislatures united against the Trump agenda.”
“DLCC was instrumental in ensuring the Washington Senate Democrats had everything we needed to compete in this swing district,” said Washington Senate Democratic Leader and DLCC Board member Sharon Nelson. “With an organization like DLCC supporting us, we can compete confidently in every district and move our nation forward one state at a time.”
While the 45th District has traditionally been a swing district, Manka Dhingra’s performance in yesterday’s primary demonstrates Democrats’ momentum at the legislative level. Democrats have flipped four legislative seats and have overperformed in almost every legislative special election since Trump’s inauguration. State Democrats have claimed additional victories in Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, and more.
DLCC looks forward to continuing our support of Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, and beyond as they build on Democrats’ winning momentum heading into 2018 elections. You can check out more upcoming Spotlight Races at
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