DLCC Congratulates Texas and Nevada Democrats on Voting Rights Victories

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats notched two victories this weekend in the fight over voting rights, with Texas Democrats staging a walkout to kill GOP voter suppression legislation and Nevada Democrats passing legislation to permanently expand mail voting after a successful election administration during the pandemic. Nevada Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson and Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner are members of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s newly-launched State Voting Rights Council. 

In light of these Democratic successes, DLCC President Jessica Post released the following statement: 

“I want to congratulate Texas Democrats for their courageous effort to confront Republicans’ racist voter suppression bills and to recognize the work of Democrats in Nevada and in states across the country who have safeguarded access to the ballot box during legislative sessions this year. Our government can only work when every American has an equal opportunity to make their voices heard, and Democrats are doing everything we can to make that goal a reality in every state. We meant it when we said that Democrats would do whatever was necessary to protect the right to vote — and we plan to help our lawmakers across the country bring the same grit and determination to their statehouses. 

“Let me be clear: this fight is far from over. We’ve seen an unprecedented effort by Republicans to attack the very foundation of our government. This isn’t about partisanship — it’s about the very fabric of our democracy and protecting America’s most fundamental freedom: the right to vote.”