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DLCC Launches “Spotlight Races” To Highlight Critical Legislative Races You Need To Know

Press Releases
July 24, 2017
Alexandra Weinroth
[email protected]
DLCC Launches “Spotlight Races” To Highlight Critical Legislative Races You Need To Know
Webpage Provides A New Way To Connect With Candidates Fighting For State Progress
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post announced the launch of DLCC’s new Spotlight Races webpage, an exciting and effective new addition to DLCC’s roster of cutting-edge digital tools. As the hub of state legislative work, DLCC has the most sophisticated and accurate data analysis tools and is uniquely equipped to select and highlight these critical legislative races for the progressive community.
The initial installment of Spotlight Races features candidates from eight states, including New Hampshire’s Kevin Cavanaugh, Washington’s Manka Dhingra, and Virginia’s Danica Roem. As the political cycle progresses, the page will be constantly updated to showcase consequential new races across the country, bringing national attention and directing resources to the candidates on the frontlines of the resistance who are fighting to take back state legislatures and defend Democratic values.
“Even though it is early in the cycle, Democrats’ slate of legislative candidates is unprecedented in its strength and representation of diverse communities,” said Post. “As Democrats continue to win legislative special elections and put state Republicans on the defensive, Spotlight Races will connect supporters, grassroots activists, and anyone else following state races with our impressive candidates running in critical legislative elections across the country. Their success will not only decide the balance of power in many states, but also help transform statehouses into governments that better reflect the communities they represent.”
On DLCC’s Spotlight Races page, supporters and allies will be able to quickly find legislative candidates running in competitive races who champion the issues they care about. As users explore each candidate’s profile, they can learn about the race, connect with the candidate on social media, and donate directly to their campaign. This platform will change the way the progressive community connects with legislative candidates by arming users with the knowledge and resources they need to make a national impact.
For more information on these races and the diverse slate of candidates running in priority states, visit the Spotlight Races page.
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