DLCC Spotlights Maine House Candidate Jim Boyle

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is adding Jim Boyle to its list of Spotlight candidates ahead of a Maine House special election in January. Democrats are looking to hold HD-27 to build on the progress the legislature has already made. 

“Jim Boyle has spent years as a dedicated public servant and his commitment to his community has proven that he is ready to fight for working families all across Maine,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Jim is boldly running on promoting Maine’s economy, funding public education, and fighting for the environment. The DLCC is proud to spotlight his candidacy and is committed to winning races like this all across the country.” 

Jim Boyle is a business owner and former legislator who is committed to Maine’s economic development and combating climate change. This race comes on the heels of a huge Democratic flip in November that put Raegan LaRochelle into office in HD-86. This year alone, Democrats in Maine have expanded broadband service across the state, financed new affordable housing construction, increased education funding, reduced property taxes, and ensured that school meals remain free for all students. In order to build on that progress, it is vital that Democrats keep the majority and reject the right-wing extremism of the Maine GOP.