DLCC Statement in Support of Texas Democrats’ Defense of Democracy

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WASHINGTON — In response to reporting that Texas Democratic lawmakers plan to deny Republicans a quorum to pass voter suppression legislation, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement in support of their courageous actions to defend our democracy:

“I couldn’t be more proud of our Texas lawmakers. Their actions are bold, courageous, and show the grit necessary to take on Republican voter suppression efforts. The gravity of this fight cannot be overstated — our democracy is in crisis and only one party is committed to defending our country’s founding principles. As Republicans seek to wield their power to target the foundations of our democracy, Democrats must use every tool at our disposal to fight back.

“We’re reminded of the importance of electing officials who are willing to lay everything on the line to protect our fundamental freedoms. I applaud Texas Democratic lawmakers for their bravery and commitment to defending voting rights. We stand with our Texas legislators in this fight.”