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DLCC Statement on Tennessee Republicans Attempting To Expel Democrats Over Support for Gun Violence Prevention

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WASHINGTON – As the Tennessee Republican caucus pushes forward to expel three Democratic members from the legislature for joining student-led protests in support of gun violence prevention, DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew released the following statement: 

“As Tennessee reels from a horrific shooting in their community, Republicans choose to focus their energy on retribution against Democrats working to prevent future gun violence instead of doing anything to actually keep their communities safe. 

“This is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Republican Party — undemocratically silencing members who are working to prevent future mass shootings while covering for those that are in lockstep with the gun lobby. We see this pattern time and time again: as shootings persist, Democratic legislatures move to pass gun safety measures while GOP legislatures refuse to act. Their constituents are speaking out, but Republicans are doing everything except taking action. 

“Young people in Tennessee are begging their leaders to take action to keep them safe — and Democrats are fighting to make that a reality.”