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GOP Candidate Christopher Holmes Taps Insurrection for Fundraising Help

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — GOP Candidate for VA-HD 72 Christopher Holmes is welcoming insurrectionist Delegate John McGuire to fundraise for his campaign. The Republican candidate is holding a fundraiser today in Virginia, hosted by McGuire. It is more clear than ever that insurrectionists and their sympathizers have become the mainstream of the Republican party.

“Republicans should be ashamed to align themselves with insurrectionists, but instead they’re seeking their help for fundraising,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee executive director Heather Williams. “It’s disappointing but ultimately unsurprising. Virginia Republicans have become the party of the insurrection. In November, voters have a clear choice between Republican insurrectionists and Democrats who will continue to deliver for the commonwealth.” 

Virginia Delegate John McGuire recently revealed that he was at the insurrection, bringing the number of lawmakers from Virginia in attendance up to three, the most of any state. In total, twenty-one sitting Republican state legislators were present at the insurrection, and there were hundreds of lawmakers who spread misinformation about the election or signed on to efforts to overturn the results. The DLCC has called for the Virginia GOP to condemn the insurrectionist lawmakers in their caucus.