GOP Group Targets Virginia to Gut Abortion Access This Year

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — After a historic midterm where voters rejected attacks on abortion at the state legislative level, Virginia Republicans are still insisting on passing anti-abortion laws – with the help of a major GOP group. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is continuing to focus on Virginia as one of its 2023 targets for an abortion ban, even though they just spent five figures attacking Senator Aaron Rouse’s abortion positions, contributing to the red to blue SD-7 special election flip last week. The group is also targeting North Carolina, Florida, and Nebraska to push reproductive rights restrictions with anti-abortion rallies across the country. Last cycle, the Dobbs decision mobilized Americans to come out in droves to elect state Democrats at historic levels – amounting to the best year for the party in power since at least 1934.

“Even after millions of voters gave Republicans across the map a reality check that they have no interest in their anti-abortion agenda, they are still dead set on ripping reproductive rights away,” said interim DLCC President Heather Williams. “With GOP groups flooding Virginia and other crucial states with resources to enact abortion bans, the only way to guarantee reproductive rights remain safe and legal in Virginia is to win back the House and defend Democrats’ Senate majority. Our historic mid-term year proved that voters understand that abortion access, and so many other consequential decisions, are made at the state legislative level of the ballot. Now we have to continue sounding that alarm.”

When Roe was overturned, every Democratic legislature had taken steps to protect or expand abortion rights. Thanks to these actions and historic state Democratic victories in 2022, abortion rights will be protected for more than 165 million people. Republicans, on the other hand, will not stop threatening popular abortion protections and access to reproductive care.