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IA GOP Representative Thinks More People Should Get Coronavirus

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Iowa is facing a spike in coronavirus cases, like so many other states across the country. But Republican state Representative Jeff Shipley has a foolproof, scientific solution to offer his constituents: he believes that more people should contract the coronavirus, despite no evidence that it grants people immunity and the reality that many people would die. 

He said in an interview that state leaders should not enforce public health measures, claiming, “Mother Nature created this virus, I feel the best solution is for human beings to be healthy enough to withstand it.” He also said that he, personally, thinks that catching the virus is a more permanent strategy. 

This isn’t the first time Shipley has said something so scientifically and morally questionable it makes you wonder how he’s still in office. He recently said “the virus isn’t even killing anybody,” prompting massive backlash from public health experts and everyday Iowans alike. Less than a week after making this claim, Shipley’s house district reported its first COVID-19 fatality.

“Jeff Shipley is not a doctor and he shouldn’t be a state representative, either,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “His suggestion that more people contract a deadly virus is reprehensible, irresponsible, and moronic. Iowa deserves better than a representative who peddles falsehoods about a virus that’s taken over 130,000 American lives. It’s appalling and he has no place in the legislature.”