ICYMI: Democratic Legislators Lead on Emergency COVID-19 Relief

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As the spread of COVID-19 continues, Americans are being laid off and their health and safety remain at risk. Those who work as health care providers, grocery store workers, delivery workers, or in other professions providing essential services are on the front lines of this crisis and desperately need programs to keep them safe. While the federal government has been unable to reach a compromise on a relief package, Democratic legislatures across the country have already passed emergency legislation to address the crisis.

Before the outbreak, Democratic state legislatures across the country had already taken action to pass paid sick legislation, increase the minimum wage, and expand Medicaid – all critical pieces of legislation that function to keep people safe and healthy during times of crisis.

Democrats in Hawaii, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, and Massachusetts have also introduced legislation in direct response to the virus.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work that Democratic state legislators are doing to lead in a moment of crisis,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “In a national emergency with a gridlocked federal government, it’s critical that leaders in the states keep our country safe and healthy. While the federal GOP may be trying to give corporations a break, Democratic state legislators are working to give ordinary people the relief and access to health services they need.”