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ICYMI: The Nation, “Democrats Are Winning Their Fight for the States”

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WASHINGTON — In 2020, Democrats are mounting an unprecedented challenge for legislative majorities across the country. Thanks to increased investments in key battleground states, recruitment of a diverse slate of challengers, and robust voter targeting programs, state Democrats are on the offensive and are well poised to win big in November.

The Nation‘s Joan Walsh published a story today highlighting Democrats’ efforts to flip state legislatures in 2020.

The Nation: Democrats Are Winning Their Fight for the States

For at least four decades, going back to the devastating rise of Ronald Reagan, progressives have heard the same refrain every presidential campaign year: This is the most important election of our lives. In 2020, though, it’s true. Really.

Learning the lessons of Virginia, a broad roster of national groups, some of them institutional and some the so-called resistance pop-ups—from a renewed Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) to Indivisible, from Emily’s List to Flippable, from former attorney general Eric Holder’s well-funded National Democratic Redistricting Committee to scrappy Sister District—put admirable muscle into statehouse races in 2018. The result: They turned 380 seats from red to blue that November, flipping chambers in six states.

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