New DLCC Battleground Polling Shows Democratic Legislative Candidates Ahead; Broad Support for Democratic Policies

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WASHINGTON — A new poll commissioned by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee shows Democratic legislative candidates ahead on the generic ballot in Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada, three top battleground states. The polling also shows that voters vastly prefer candidates who will support abortion rights, prioritize gun safety legislation, and Democratic economic policies like investing in affordable housing and offering tax relief to low- and middle-income households. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, shows that Democrats are leading in the fight for the majority in Michigan and ahead in  Colorado and Nevada, critical defend states being targeted by the GOP. 

“This polling confirms that Democratic policies are broadly popular and the Republican agenda is out of step with a majority of voters,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “As we’ve said from the beginning of the cycle, this midterm will be incredibly competitive for both Democratic and Republican-held legislatures. It’s critical that we mobilize to protect our Democratic chambers and flip chambers like the Michigan legislature red to blue in November. This poll shows the GOP’s extremism will ultimately sink  their own unpopular agenda.”

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Polling toplines include: 

Though state Democrats are navigating a tough political environment, as is historically the case for the president’s party during the midterm, this poll demonstrates legislative battles are in a dead heat and that Americans are willing to support Democratic candidates and policies that level the playing field and help voters thrive. In stark contrast, voters broadly oppose Republican attempts to continue to roll out a nationwide effort to restrict access to safe and legal abortion and weaken common sense gun safety laws that keep our communities safe.