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NEW: Virginia Delegate John McGuire Admits to Attending Insurrection

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — On the same day as damning testimony from law enforcement during the first session of the January 6th committee, Virginia Delegate John McGuire revealed that he was at the insurrection, bringing the number of lawmakers from Virginia in attendance up to three, alongside Senator Amanda Chase and Delegate Dave LaRock. In total, twenty-one sitting Republican state legislators were present at the insurrection, alongside the hundreds of lawmakers who spread misinformation about the election or signed on to efforts to overturn the results.

Seventeen Republican lawmakers who attended the insurrection are still in office. 

“It’s been over six months since the insurrection and we’re still learning new details about the sitting lawmakers who were there on that shameful day,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “And it’s even worse than that — These people stood shoulder to shoulder with an angry mob. We cannot forget the GOP’s complicity. As the congressional investigation proceeds and we learn new horrifying details about the events on Capitol Hill, we must never forget about the public officials who betrayed their offices by participating in the insurrection.”

McGuire’s admission comes as Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin prepares to attend an “election integrity” rally. McGuire defended the event and doubled down on misinformation about the election results, despite the total lack of any evidence for widespread fraud. 

While McGuire maintains that he didn’t break any laws or enter the Capitol during the insurrection, similar claims by other Republican lawmakers did not stand up to scrutiny.