Newsflash: Republicans Don’t Want You to Vote

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Republican leaders across the country are finally admitting what has long been apparent: encouraging voter participation would spell their electoral doom. The GOP’s reluctance to ease voting during an unprecedented global public health crisis brings the party’s long track record of voter suppression to a whole new level.

“Republicans know that they can’t win on their policies, which is why they’ve always done everything they can to suppress voter turnout,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “But this is a new low — even for them. Their gross, immoral behavior during this crisis is just another reason why it’s more important to elect Democrats than ever. Only one party fully supports our democracy and the right to vote.”

The GOP’s refusal to make it easier to vote, often while admitting that higher turnout would help Democrats, comes from elected official at all levels of the ballot across the country:

Republicans’ shameful disregard for safeguarding the democratic process stands in sharp contrast to Democrats across the country, who have led the way on voting reforms that would make it easier for Americans to exercise their right to vote, even during the coronavirus crisis.

“The voting debacle poised to play out across the country is just another example of how damaging Republican leadership has been for our democracy,” added Post. “If you support a fair political process, then you should vote for Democrats up and down the ticket this November.”