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Pennsylvania GOP Extends Sham “Investigation” Into 2020 Presidential Election… Two Years Later

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WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania Republicans are extending their bogus “investigation” into the 2020 presidential election until after this year’s midterms. After almost two years, an initial price of half a million dollars of taxpayer money, and no findings of wrongdoing, Pennsylvania Republicans are still pushing the “Big Lie” and continuing a sham inquiry into the 2020 presidential election for another six months, taking their cues from state Senator Doug Mastriano. As part of their sham, Mastriano-driven review, Pennsylvania Republicans tried to invade the privacy of every registered voter in Pennsylvania by seeking their names, addresses, partial social security number, driver’s license number, and voter history. 

“It’s crystal clear that Pennsylvania Republicans are willing to throw away taxpayer dollars to appease Donald Trump and chip away at our democratic process,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “By pushing to continue their sham election review, Pennsylvania Republicans are following in the footsteps of state senator and known insurrectionist Doug Mastriano, fighting a careless crusade that not only undermines trust in democracy, but could also lead to identity theft if this information falls into the wrong hands. Make no mistake, the DLCC will continue to keep the attention squarely on Republican extremism while Democrats in the state remain focused on providing solutions to protect reproductive freedom, expand voter access, and boost Pennsylvania’s economy.” 

The GOP’s perpetual 2020 election charade is nothing more than a desperate attempt to distract voters from their growing extremist agenda that has encouraged insurrectionists to run for higher office, levied attacks on voting rights, and turned widely unpopular abortion bans into top legislative priorities.