Republicans Can’t Stop Comparing COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts to the Holocaust

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WASHINGTON — Republicans’ senseless crusade against the COVID-19 vaccination campaign has become increasingly disturbing, with many comparing vaccine mandates to life in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This new trend represents the latest development in a long line of attacks on public health that Republicans have launched since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Vaccination campaigns are nothing new, as public schools, for example, have long required students to be up-to-date on their vaccinations. The GOP would rather score cheap political points and erode trust in public health professionals instead of helping Americans recover from the devastating pandemic. 

“It’s deeply disturbing that Republicans would equate sensible public health measures with the systemic murder of millions of Jewish people under Nazi Germany,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Jessica Post. “Unfortunately, this is a tactic that Republicans have employed against legislation on issues from abortion rights to gun violence prevention. Once again, the GOP has proved itself to be a party of anti-science conspiracists who will go to any length to mislead their constituents.” 

Below is a sampling of the offensive remarks Republicans have made equating public health measures to the Holocaust: