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TODAY: DLCC Organizes Digital Day of Action to Flip Virginia

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is launching a nationwide Digital Day of Action to #FlipVABlue today. Working with candidates, partner organizations and key stakeholders both in Virginia and across the country, the Day of Action will engage grassroots supporters and raise awareness about the most important battle of 2019.
“Democrats across the country want to help flip Virginia blue and we’re harnessing that energy to make change in the Commonwealth,” said DLCC executive director Jessica Post. “It’s clear Democrats begin the general election with the momentum and we’re going to keep it going to break grassroots fundraising records, talk to voters and flip the General Assembly.”
The DLCC is encouraging supporters to post on social media, share why they’re organizing and amplify the importance of this year’s elections. Participants will also be able to commit to volunteering for Virginia Democrats, online or on the ground. 


The #FlipVaBlue Digital Day of Action follows the DLCC announcing Spotlight candidates on Wednesday and releasing a new digital video series on Thursday, in which candidates explained the stakes of the election in their own words.
“We’re excited to be working with the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee to engage our supporters in the fight to #FlipVABlue,” said House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn. “Democrats have a clear message: we’re working to get things done. If we can flip the General Assembly blue, we’ll protect health care, invest in infrastructure and improve education.”
Democrats turned out to vote at a far higher rate than Republicans in Tuesday’s primary, an unmistakable sign of the grassroots enthusiasm cultivated by campaigns across the Commonwealth. Democrats are contesting a record number of districts this November — at least 90 in the House and 35 in the Senate — while Republicans are on the defensive, endangered by their extreme right-wing positions. Democrats also reported outraising the GOP by over $1 million in the latest fundraising disclosures.
“The radical, right-wing Republicans in the General Assembly are out-of-touch with Virginians and failing to get anything done for the Commonwealth,” said Post. “Republicans are wrong on health care, they’re wrong on women’s rights, and they’re wrong on gun safety. This November, voters will hold them accountable.”