Donald Trump was found guilty

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Voters Call on Insurrectionist Republican Lawmakers to Resign

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WASHINGTON — As the country nears a Senate trial to hold Donald Trump accountable for his part in inciting a deadly insurrection at the United States Capitol, hundreds of Republican state legislators who played a similar role have yet to face any real consequences. This includes over a dozen lawmakers who attended the riot at the capitol — and their constituents aren’t happy about it.

A growing, grassroots chorus is calling on Republican leadership to take action and for Republican insurrectionists in their state to be held accountable for their part in a deadly, cop-killing riot.

“Americans are demanding accountability for Republican lawmakers who were involved in last month’s insurrection,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “But GOP leaders have defended and protected their insurrectionists and conspiracy theorists at every turn. We stand in solidarity with the voters who believe there should be consequences for lawmakers involved in a violent attempted coup.”

Arizona Representative Mark Finchem

Illinois Representative Chris Miller

Michigan Representative Matt Maddock

Missouri Representative Justin Hill

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano

Rhode Island Representative Justin Price

Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock