Wisconsin Republicans Burning Taxpayer Dollars on “Fraudit”

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WASHINGTON — Yesterday, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin approved spending nearly $700,000 in taxpayer money to pursue a blatantly partisan “audit” of the November 2020 election. This move is part of a national trend by Republican lawmakers attempting to relitigate the election in order to deny the will of the voters and demonstrate their loyalty to Trump — instead of using the funds to focus on the issues actually facing their states. 

“Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly are following the lead of conspiracy theorists in legislatures across the country,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew. “The Wisconsin GOP is willing to light taxpayer dollars on fire in pursuit of their partisan agenda. These funds could be better used to help our kids get safely back to school, combatting the spike in coronavirus cases, infrastructure, or literally anything else to help their constituents. Instead, Republicans continue to focus on undermining our democracy and demonstrating their loyalty to Trump’s radical, right-wing base.” 

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos defended the move by bragging about his recent meeting with Trump himself. Whether it is Wisconsin, PennsylvaniaArizona, or the countless other state lawmakers who have campaigned on this issue, state Republicans have made it clear that they will pull out all of the stops to attack the foundations of our democracy.