With 200 Days Until Election Day, State Democrats Work To Lower Costs For Working Families

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In 200 days, millions of Americans will decide key state legislative races across the country. With the midterms well underway, state Republicans have spent the last year restricting popular abortion freedoms, stripping LGBTQ rights, banning books, and undermining the autonomy of teachers. In stark contrast, state Democrats have taken bold steps to ensure students receive a quality education, cut costs for average Americans, and enshrine abortion protections into state law. Heading into November,  Democrats are building stronger, more resilient communities where all Americans are respected and can thrive. 

“200 days from Election Day, it is clear that state Republicans are more interested in driving Americans apart than helping Americans with the issues that matter most – like cutting costs and expanding access to life-saving health care,” DLCC President Jessica Post said. “State Republicans want to drag us back to a time when LGBTQ youth didn’t feel safe in classrooms and individuals didn’t have access to quality family planning care. But state Democrats and the DLCC aren’t backing down. Together, we are touting a strong track record on the economy, reproductive rights, civil rights, and education to defend our majorities.” 

When Democrats hold power at the state legislative level, health care is expanded, vulnerable populations are protected, and workers thrive. The DLCC will spend the next 200 days reminding voters that state Democrats have lifted the country out of the pandemic and fought back against dangerous and extreme Republican attacks on voting rights, reproductive health care, and civil rights and liberties.