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Latest News in North Carolina

  • "Rebranding" FAIL: N.C. Republicans to kick Spanish-speaking kids out of pre-K

    From April 19, 2013:

    North Carolina Republicans are finally cracking down on free-loading four-year-olds with a new bill to "limit eligibility for the state’s pre-kindergarten program."  New income limits under HB 935 would mean "a family of three could not make more than $19,530 a year to have a 4-year-old qualify for N.C. Pre-K."

    And then there's this:  "Other ways to qualify, such as having developmental needs or being a child in a military family, remain in the bill, although a child with limited English proficiency would no longer meet the guidelines."

    How's that whole "inclusive and welcoming" thing coming along, Republicans?

  • NPR: How North Carolina Republicans are destroying public education

    Last year, North Carolina Republicans passed sweeping changes to the state's public education system, resulting in detrimental effects on teachers and students. The legislative package included ending teacher tenure, eliminating classroom size caps, and discontinuing salary bumps for those with master's degrees. Many teachers in the state have decried such changes, marching on the state Capitol and staging a walk-in prior to the school day. NPR recently discussed the damage this is doing to education in the Tar Heel State:

  • Democrats take lead in several GOP controlled North Carolina Senate Districts

    Last month fifty percent of North Carolina voters described their state legislature as “a national embarrassment,” and polling out today shows that 2014 Democrats are in strong positions to win in several legislative districts where the state’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory won handedly.

  • North Carolina Speaker rewards contributors with plumb appointments

    Between making it more difficult for North Carolina voters to cast a ballot and creating barriers for women to be able to get an abortion, North Carolina's Republican Speaker Thom Tillis was ensuring that his donors were receiving lucrative appointments in state government.