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The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Over the past decade, the DLCC and our allies have fought cycle-over-cycle to gain a dozen new legislative chamber majorities and we are leading the effort to bring national attention and investment to our ballot level.

State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and pass the policies that most affect Americans’ day-to-day lives, from abortion access to voting rights to public education funding.

Taking back power at the state level.

The DLCC is the only organization responsible for the full, national landscape of state legislatures, crafting the long-term strategy to elect Democrats across the country. We are a permanent, year-round presence, overseeing work in all 50 states – fighting hardest in our battleground chambers while also laying the groundwork to build future Democratic infrastructure and majorities in red states. Our direct connections to legislative leaders as well as their caucuses and campaigns provide us with the full picture of opportunities and allow us to maximize our impact, making us the most strategic hub for investments to build Democratic power in the states.

We’re powered by more than 250,000 supporters from all 50 states. Over 99% of our contributions come from grassroots donors (giving an average of $39.40), who fuel thousands of local Democratic candidates across the country.

Building up Democratic majorities in the states is more important than ever. With right-wing extremists working to outlaw reproductive freedom and sabotage access to the ballot, it has never been more clear that our democracy is on the line – and the fight for our future is happening in the states. We’re counting on our supporters to get educated, get involved, and take action in their communities.

Our Mission

We’re fighting to kick right-wing extremists out of power and elect local Democrats who are committed to advancing policies that improve the lives of the people they serve.

By winning majorities and building Democratic power in the states, we are moving the party’s agenda of progress forward and shaping the future of this country.

Our Strategy

Our democracy can no longer afford for state legislative politics to take a backseat in America’s political consciousness. We have a bold, evidence-based plan to win majorities and build a path to 50 chambers by 2030, with clear power-building objectives for every cycle.

We don’t take any of our majorities for granted and will continue working to defend them while simultaneously mounting aggressive challenges in vulnerable Republican-controlled chambers. 

We are leading the effort to bring national attention and investment to this ballot level. Help us build the power to protect our communities from extremist MAGA assaults by making a donation or signing up to take action today.

DLCC President Heather Williams standing outside smiling


Heather Williams

Leading the national movement to elect state Democrats and win legislative majorities.

Board of Directors

The DLCC is governed by a board of distinguished Democratic state legislative leaders who represent the interests of our statehouse candidates nationally. Our chair, New York Senate President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, works with the board to oversee our efforts and ensure that state legislative leaders and partner organizations are engaged with DLCC’s work in chambers across the country.

Headshot of Andrea Stewart-Cousins outside smiling at the camera

DLCC Chair

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Senate President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader, New York

A headshot of Leader Donna Soucy in a blue blazer.

DLCC Secretary

Donna Soucy

Senate Democratic Leader, New Hampshire

Headshot of Ron Kouchi smiling in front of a blue background.

DLCC Treasurer

Ron Kouchi

Senate President, Hawaii

A headshot of Joe Fitzgibbon smiling at the camera while wearing a suit in front of a gray backdrop.

DLCC Finance Chair

Joe Fitzgibbon

House Majority Leader, Washington

Complete Board of Directors

Dan Blue

Senate Democratic Leader, North Carolina

Manka Dhingra

Senate Deputy Majority Leader, Washington

Louis Greenwald

Assembly Majority Leader, New Jersey

Melissa Hortman

Speaker of the House, Minnesota

Vincent Hughes

Senator, Pennsylvania

Adrienne Jones

Speaker of the House, Maryland

David Linsky

Representative, Massachusetts

Javier Martínez

Speaker of the House, New Mexico

Sarah McBride

Senator, Delaware

Cyndi Munson

House Democratic Leader, Oklahoma

Anthony Rendon

Assembly Speaker Emeritus, California

Joe Tate

Speaker of the House, Michigan

Steve Yeager

Speaker of the Assembly, Nevada

Jennifer Konfrst

House Democratic Leader, Iowa

Monique Limón

Senator, California

Robert Reives

House Democratic Leader, North Carolina

Federal Advisory Council

The DLCC’s Federal Advisory Council (FAC) convenes federal Democratic lawmakers to focus on building power locally in state legislatures. 

The FAC aids the DLCC in: 

  • Amplifying the work of Democratic state legislatures
  • Building a strong partnership with lawmakers up and down the ballot
  • Guiding the DLCC as it builds out strategy for the midterms and future election cycles
Congressman Boyle speaking at a podium in front of a blue curtain

Federal Advisory Council Member

Brendan Boyle

Congressman, Pennsylvania

Representative Evans outside smiling at the camera

Federal Advisory Council Member

Dwight Evans

Congressman, Pennsylvania

Headshot of Representative Horsford smiling directly at the camera

Federal Advisory Council Member

Steven Horsford

Congressman, Nevada

Headshot of Representative Derek Kilmer smiling at the camera in front of a tree

Federal Advisory Council Member

Derek Kilmer

Congressman, Washington

Headshot of Grace Meng in front of a city street.

Federal Advisory Council Member

Grace Meng

Congresswoman, New York

A headshot of Representative Porter outside smiling softly at the camera.

Federal Advisory Council Member

Katie Porter

Congresswoman, California

Headshot of Norma Torres smiling in front of some trees.

Federal Advisory Council Member

Norma Torres

Congresswoman, California