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Latest News in Oklahoma

  • Okla. Republicans Pass Ban on Minimum Wage Hikes

    Republican legislators in Oklahoma took an extreme stand against the state's working families this week by passing SB 1023. The bill, which bans all state municipalities from setting their own minimum wage laws, was promptly signed by Republican Governor Mary Fallin. The law's other provisions also ban the establishment of mandatory employee benefits, including vacation or sick leave days.

    Gov. Fallin’s action appears to thwart efforts by an Oklahoma City group that had been circulating a petition calling for a local vote on whether to increase the city’s minimum wage from the national standard of $7.25 an hour up to $10.10 an hour.

    Oklahoma City attorney David Slane, who serves as spokesman for the group circulating the petition, said his coalition is contemplating its next move.

    “Of course we’re disappointed that the governor and the Republican Legislature stood in the way of the people having the right to vote on whether they want to raise minimum wage,” Slane said. “We’re looking now at the possibility of a constitutional challenge to the law that was signed because we think that it abrogates the people’s right to have an initiative petition. ... We’re going to explore all options, including the possibility of a statewide initiative petition.”

  • Meet Oklahoma's accidental "terrorists with guns" bill

    From February 15, 2013:

    Which is worse: a state legislator proposing a bill to automatically restore gun ownership rights to those convicted of "bombing, possessing child pornography, child prostitution, drive-by shootings and all drug offenses, which include trafficking and distributing?"  Or a legislator inexplicably offering such legislation by accident?

    Oklahoma is grappling with just such a dilemma thanks to Republican state Representative Todd Russ, whose proposal to let some convicted felons carry guns (yes, that really was his intent) turned out to be far broader than he thought it would be when drafting his bill.

  • Oklahoma Republicans ban key treatments for ectopic pregnancies

    Oklahoma's GOP legislators have a long history of playing doctor when it comes to women's health, and the Oklahoman reports on their latest failed attempt:  "A state law aimed at banning certain drug-induced abortions would prohibit all such abortions, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a closely-watched case that could ultimately be decided by the nation's highest court..."

  • All Smiles in the Sooner State: Oklahoma Democrats win another special election upset

    Oklahoma House District 71 has been a Republican stronghold for almost half a century... But no longer.