Love Letters to Democratic State Legislatures


Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we asked our grassroots supporters to share what they love about Democratic state legislatures. This is for every Democrat who needs a warm-hearted pick-me-up, a reminder that there are still good leaders doing good work.

“I love local governments in the hands of Democrats because when Democrats are in charge they fight for the people. Everything from fighting for criminal justice reform, police reform, environmental justice, LBGTQ+ and civil rights, tax reform, etc., to ensuring that democracy continues to thrive makes me proud to call myself a Democrat. When Democrats are in charge, things get done!” -Daryl G., VA

“Democratic state legislatures share my values and I can count on them to represent me and advocate for our common goals. This is the best of representative democracy. By having legislators who advance our justice-oriented agenda, we create a civic division of labor whereby they fight for (and pass!) the laws and policies we need to build a fair and strong state, and I am able to focus my energy on supporting these efforts in my community through other, perhaps smaller, but essential actions. With Democratic state legislators, I don’t have to be up in arms every five minutes to support equality and justice for all. This builds our state by continually moving it forward…and keeps my arms from being so tired all the time!” -Sandra R., MA

“The Democratic Party stands up for all Americans, not just the interests of a few!” -Carl B., PA

“Thank you for allowing everyone to vote! Thank you for working hard to earn people’s votes. Thank you for letting your constituents know you represent them. Thank you for setting a good example for our future generations. Thank you for leading with integrity, critical thinking & putting our country above party.” -Donna C., CA

“I love the fact that I can trust them to care about people and look out for the people’s best interests. They respect diversity, equality, and human rights.” -Liana N., NY

“From funding our schools to expanding health care access to solving the climate crisis to abolishing the death penalty to pushing for racial justice, state legislatures are where the hard work of democracy takes place — and we’re so lucky to have local Dems fighting for us on the front lines. Thanks for doing the hard work to advance Democratic priorities and deliver for the American people every single day, even when it doesn’t always make national headlines. Can’t wait to elect more local Dems in the years to come!” -Aaron B., NC

“They care about the wellbeing of people.” -Suzy J., TX

“Thank you for being empathetic to all your constituents, rich or poor, young or old, for investing in our country, for BELIEVING IN SCIENCE, and for equality for ALL citizens. We are not perfect but I think Democrats have their eyes on the right star to follow, our democracy, our belief in education for all, the vital role of the press, and our love of our liberties as well as our responsibilities. Keep up the good work.” -Mary S., PA

“True, bold, local, and regional… You make my heart sing! Let’s do it!” -John H., MO

“Thank you for all you do! We appreciate your tireless and sometimes thankless efforts to make our world a better place. One thing I love about Democratic state legislatures is the emphasis on the needs of the people, as opposed to special interests, the wealthy, and corporations. Keep up the great work!” -Eric D., WA

“I have to thank the Democrats in state legislatures who get the plight of all their constituents, not just wealthy donors. They are the heroes who hopefully can get things done.” -D K., AZ

“What I love about Democratic state legislatures is they are people elected by the people in their district to serve and make a better for all people. They actually get it. We are all connected to each other as human beings, and they work their butts off to do the best they can to help all people. They bring us unity and give us hope for a better future. They show us what a real government will do to help their fellow man, woman, and children. They show us respect and teach us how to respect others. They made this a great country and I know they will do it again.” -Sharon C., KY

“Our Democratic state legislatures are fighting for the rights of all people, middle class working people, and the poor. They are fighting to combat global warming and protect our environment. They are listening to our needs and fighting to protect us. They are protecting the voting rights of all people.” -Diana H., MA

“Thank you for actually listening to the American public.” -Robin P., OK

“I appreciate Democratic state legislatures because I am not constantly worried about what they will do next. They care about the working people so the issues are often how to do something like family leave or health care, not whether to do it. I especially care that my state is now a refuge for abortion seekers. We also lead on legalizing marijuana and mail voting. Thank you Democrats, especially women!!!” -Judy Z., CO

“We ❤️ the way they work with Dem governors to implement progressive policies!” -Democratic Governors Association

“Dear Democratic state legislators: I love that you care about, “We the People,” and remember why you are there to serve the will of the people. I love that you recognize the crises of our day; from climate to economic and racial disparity, equal pay for men and women, health care and disease control, and championing science, critical and creative thinking, and education (love that Dr. Jill Biden will teach Americans the sacred work our teachers are doing and lift them up financially and with the respect they deserve). I love that you speak and value truth and the facts…and punish corrupt and criminal behavior (no matter what powerful position the behavior is coming from). I love that you are brave, unwavering, and determined to make things right when the Republicans are motivated by corruption and keeping their power. I love that you give me hope and a reason to believe in better days ahead because of your thoughts, words, and deeds. Thank you for all you do. May every good thing in life come your way. Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending love your way.” -Jennarose J., CA

These responses have been lightly edited for grammatical and spelling errors.