These 18 candidates are fired up to flip Virginia blue in November


Right now, Republicans hold a razor-thin majority in both the Virginia House and Senate. Winning in November is crucial: If Democrats flip just two seats in each legislative chamber, Virginians will have a Democratic trifecta for the first time in 26 years. We introduced the first round of Democrats ready to bring progress to Virginia earlier this year. Now, with only 5 months until Election Day, here are 18 more phenomenal Democrats fired up to flip Virginia blue this November.

Joshua Cole, HD-28

In 2017, Joshua Cole was less than 100 votes away from being elected to the former GOP speaker’s seat. As the first African-American and youngest person to be nominated in his district, he’s working even harder to bring change to Virginia, including affordable college, criminal justice reform, and affordable housing for all.

Dawn Adams, HD-68

Dawn Adams understands the relationship between policy and daily life first-hand — previously serving as a nurse practitioner and leading health care advocate. Dawn is prepared to champion goals all Virginians strive for: a healthy life, financial security, and an opportunity to fulfill their own dreams.

Schuyler VanValkenburg, HD-72

High school history teacher Schuyler VanValkenburg made history of his own by flipping a longtime red seat last election. With his first term under his belt, Schuyler is committed to reforming the education system and fighting for equality for all Virginians.

Len Myers, HD-81

As a consumer rights attorney, Len Myers is ready to bring his legal background to fight for a new Virginia. Along with fighting for a living wage and revitalizing the commonwealth economy, Len wants to protect homes and businesses from the threat of climate change and regional flooding.

Mavis Taintor, HD-33

Mavis Taintor has had a highly rewarding career both in the business sector and as a school teacher. Now, she’s running to make a difference by alleviating student debt, bringing affordable health care, and funding fairer teacher wages for all Virginians. Mavis will be a fighter her constituents can count on.

Nancy Guy, HD-83

An unapologetic advocate for public education, Nancy Guy served in the Virginia Beach School Board and remains an active member within her community. From protecting reproductive rights to ending partisan gerrymandering, Nancy is running to bring visionary leadership to Richmond and flip one of the most competitive districts this election cycle.

John Edwards, SD-21

As an Army veteran and local politician, John Edwards has led a life of service dedicated to both country and home. John has successfully overseen both increased mental health measures and a new Amtrak stop for his community. He hopes to create more progress for his district upon reelection.

* Use of John Edwards’s military rank and job title does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Marine Corps or the Department of Defense.

Kathleen Murphy, HD-34

Kathleen Murphy has committed herself to a life of public service — filling multiple roles in both federal and state government. By investing in the Commonwealth infrastructure, protecting women’s health care decisions, and advocating for commonsense gun safety measures, Kathleen is a persistent fighter for a flourishing, forward-moving Virginia.

Creigh Deeds, SD-25

Creigh Deeds is a notable champion of his community, having served his Virginia senatorial district for over 15 years. With legislative priorities including mental health care, increased environmental protection, and criminal justice reform, Creigh looks forward to further serving his constituents.

Jennifer Boysko, SD-33

Jennifer Boysko won her state senate seat in a special election this past January. Since taking office, she has worked with her colleagues to ensure progress for all Virginians. Facing elections in a critical hold district, Jennifer will continue being a champion for working families.

George Barker, SD-39

With a mind geared towards health care policy, George Barker has enacted policies ensuring that those facing mental health crises get the emergency care they need. Described as “one of the more effective, pragmatic lawmakers in Richmond,” he hopes to continue advocating for the health care of all living in the Commonwealth come this November.

Martha Mugler, HD-91

Martha Mugleris an experienced leader on education, having served three terms on the Hampton School Board. This November, Martha is bringing her fight to the state capitol to improve the quality of education for students and protect individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Amanda Pohl, SD-11

Amanda Pohl wears many hats in her community — a church deacon, adjunct professor of social work, and advocate for domestic violence victims, and now, a candidate for the Virginia state Senate. Amanda hopes to expand voting rights, fight for LGBTQ nondiscrimination legislation, and continue serving the community as a state legislator.

Debra Rodman, SD-12

Debra Rodman is a professor of anthropology, and has advocated for families and LGBTQ+ refugees in court as an expert witness. First elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, Debra has made equality for all Virginians one of her top priorities while in office.

Amy Laufer, SD-17

Amy Laufer has dedicated her life to fighting for others — as a middle school teacher, a Peace Corps volunteer, and the founder of Virginia’s List, an organization dedicated to electing Democratic women. Amy is eager to fund quality education (particularly special education), make health care more accessible, and create a safer community across the Commonwealth.

Cheryl Turpin, SD-07

As an environmental science teacher, Cheryl Turpin is focused on improving the lives of her students, fellow teachers, and the community at large. Cheryl is running for state Senate to provide greater resources for her fellow teachers, entrepreneurs, and property owners.

Ghazala Hashmi, SD-10

Ghazala Hashmi’s life mission — to foster a more inclusive dialogue within her community, regardless of socioeconomic background — has remained true since immigrating to the United States 50 years ago. If elected, Ghazala would make history as the first Muslim-American woman to serve in the Virginia Senate.

Lindsey Dougherty, HD-62

Lindsey Dougherty believes that investments in the local economy will foster a flourishing Virginia. If elected, Lindsey hopes to hit the ground running by investing in education, reforming the criminal justice system, and improving access to quality and affordable health care.

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