Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 Pennsylvania HD 144

Brian Munroe

Brian Munroe’s public service experience, from firefighting to serving in the military, is hard to beat. As his district’s new representative, he’s committed to protecting the environment, bringing quality green jobs to his constituents, and raising the minimum wage.

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About Brian

Brian Munroe is a Navy veteran and dedicated public servant. Brian has an impressive record of serving his community and country, volunteering as a firefighter and medical technician at a young age, serving in the military,  working as a policeman, and currently serving as clerk of courts in Bucks County. Brian is running for the House to protect the environment and to bring quality jobs to HD-144. 

  • Committed to raising the minimum wage and lowering the school tax on local homeowners
  • Focused on providing Pennsylvania affordable, clean energy and green jobs
  • Determined to protect reproductive freedom
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