Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 Nevada AD 21

Elaine Marzola

Elaine Marzola has fought for her vulnerable neighbors as a lawyer and advocate for survivors of domestic violence. Now, she’s using her seat in the Assembly to advance education equity and protect reproductive rights.

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About Elaine

A Brazilian immigrant and single mother, Elaine Marzola has spent her life fighting for women and families in her community. Elaine worked at a domestic violence shelter, later earning a law degree to further deepen her advocacy for her clients.  As a first-generation college student, Elaine understands the value of education, and she's running for the Nevada Assembly to make quality education accessible for all Nevadans. 

  • Fierce advocate for education equity
  • Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada and Nevada National Organization of Women because of her strong commitment to protecting and strengthening reproductive rights
  • Dedicated to helping small businesses thrive
New Jersey Election Date: Nov 7, 2023
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