Election Date: Nov 5, 2024 Nevada SD-5

Jennifer Atlas

Jennifer Atlas is a legal professional and a strong advocate for public education running for the Nevada Senate to flip her district blue.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Atlas is a legal professional who first moved to Las Vegas nearly two decades ago where she has become a strong advocate for improving public education. Now she’s running for a seat in the Nevada Senate to champion working families and flip her district blue. Lifting up the public school system will be one of Jennifer’s legislative priorities, and she has a plan to reduce class sizes and pay teachers what they deserve. Health care is another area where Jennifer sees room for improvement, which is why she plans to push for expanded perinatal support, lower prescription drug costs, and protections for reproductive rights, just to name a few.  

  • Serves on her local Blue Ribbon Commission on Education
  • Committed to protecting Nevada’s environment, natural beauty, and the tens of thousands of jobs that rely on outdoor recreation
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