Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 Michigan HD 48

Jennifer Conlin

As a journalist, Jennifer Conlin spent years gathering her neighbors' diverse perspectives and experiences. Jennifer has opposed anti-choice legislation and called for protecting clean drinking water, and she’s now ready to advocate for Michiganders in the House.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Conlin, born in Washtenaw County, is personally invested in creating a better Michigan for everyone. Before launching her campaign, she spent many years as a journalist, talking to Michiganders about issues that matter most to them. If elected, Jennifer would advocate for investing in infrastructure, public health, and education.  

  • Called for investments in clean drinking water
  • Opposed Republican anti-choice legislation 
  • Vowed to protect Michigan’s natural resources and environment
Iowa Election Date: Nov 5, 2024
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A black and white portrait of Josh Turek of Iowa House District 20 from the waist up, smiling and looking into the camera.