Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 Maine HD 95

Mana Abdi

Mana Abdi came to Maine in 2009 as a refugee and built a career helping first-generation students navigate higher education. Now, she’s proudly serving as one of the first Somali-American legislators in Maine.

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About Mana

Mana Adbi was born in a Kenyan refugee camp, and as a child, her family immigrated to the United States to seek a better life. Mana worked through college and later became a program coordinator to serve as a mentor for students at Bates College. As a member of the House, Mana would be the first Somali-American member of the Maine legislature. She will fight for better public education, affordable housing, and an economy that works for everyone.

  • Devoted to expanding affordable housing
  • Committed to helping younger, diverse Mainers thrive economically 
  • Focused on increasing access to high-quality public education
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