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Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 North Carolina HD 54

Robert Reives

Last November, Robert Reives won re-election to the House, where he’s continuing to protect teacher salaries and voting rights. As a former assistant DA, he’s proud to deliver for vulnerable North Carolina residents as the House Democratic leader.

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About Robert

Representative Robert Reives has served in the North Carolina House since 2014, holding leadership positions as the Freshman Caucus co-chair and now as the Democratic leader of the House. Robert a former assistant DA is a tireless advocate for vulnerable communities. He is focused on fighting for a more equitable future for North Carolina.

  • Fighting to raise teacher salaries and spur economic growth across the state
  • Committed to increasing access to the ballot box
  • Devoted to protecting reproductive rights in North Carolina
North Carolina Election Date: Nov 5, 2024
North Carolina HD-98
Beth Helfrich
A black and white image of Beth Helfrich of North Carolina House District Ninety-Eight showing her from the waist smiling and looking into the camera.