Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 Nevada AD 37

Shea Backus

Shea Backus — a lawyer who provided pro bono services for abused and neglected children — has never shied away from helping Nevadans in need. With her return to the Assembly, she’s working to ensure all Nevadans can get a quality education and benefit from the economic growth of clean jobs.

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About Shea

A third-generation Nevadan, Assemblywoman Shea Backus understands that “Home Means Nevada.” As a lawyer, Shea provides pro-bono services to some of Nevada’s most vulnerable residents – abused and neglected children. As assemblywoman, Shea has worked hard to ensure that Nevadans can get a quality education, benefit from the economic growth of clean jobs, and have access to affordable health care. 

  • Champion for increased education funding 
  • Fought against predatory scams targeting seniors' health care plans 
  • Champion for clean jobs that provide well-paid employment opportunities while protecting the environment
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