Election Date: Nov 8, 2022 North Carolina HD 35

Terence Everitt

Representative Terence Everitt lives and breathes small business.

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About Terence

Representative Terence Everitt lives and breathes small business. When he is not in the legislature working to grow local economies across North Carolina, he serves his community as a lawyer representing small businesses and helping them thrive. Terence is a proud father who strives to help build better public schools, lower health care costs and create an economy built on clean energy. Terence is ready to return to the House to help create a more transparent government focused on helping everyday families. 

  • Committed to fully funding North Carolina public schools 
  • Focused on growing small businesses and helping workers everywhere 
  • Determined to develop clean energy and create good-paying green jobs
Virginia Election Date: Nov 7, 2023
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Joshua Thomas
Black and white headshot of Joshua Thomas, Virginia HD-21, smiling and looking directly into the camera.