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Who we are

The DLCC is the official party committee dedicated to electing Democrats to state legislatures in all 50 states. What does that look like? We recruit, train, and support local Democrats running for state legislative office. The DLCC provides candidates with the resources, field support, and state-of-the-art data technology they need to run smart, winning campaigns.

Top Democrats like President Obama and Stacey Abrams got their start in state legislatures – and we’re supporting the next generation of local leaders at the DLCC!

Our strategy

In 2022, we led Democrats to the most successful state legislative midterm year for the president’s party in nearly a century. Pundits expected a “red wave” – and even though these races are overlooked and underfunded, the DLCC has been in the trenches building Democratic power at the state level year after year. We held the line in the 2022 midterms, and now that work is paying off for the American people. In the past two years, Democrats:

⭐️ FLIPPED five chambers from red to blue in Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania,
⭐️ DEFENDED our Democratic majorities in Maine, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, and Washington,
⭐️ GAINED a supermajority in Vermont’s state legislature,
⭐️ PROTECTED the power of Democratic governors’ vetoes in states like Wisconsin, and
⭐️ PREVENTED a Republican trifecta in Virginia by flipping the House and holding the Senate.

None of this would have been possible without grassroots Democrats getting involved.

Path to the Majority: Expanding the Map

Our 2023-2024 Path to the Majority is off to a strong start. In 2023, the DLCC made a record-breaking investment of over $2.2 million to flip the Virginia House blue and hold the Democratic majority in the Virginia Senate, blocking a GOP trifecta that could have passed an abortion ban. As a top target state on the DLCC’s 2023-2024 Path to the Majority, this monumental victory early in the cycle was a major bellwether of what’s to come, offers a proof point that our blueprint to winning in the states is strong, and hammers home that abortion will continue to be a top issue.

Heading into 2024, we’re defending our majorities in Minnesota and Michigan, as well as challenging vulnerable GOP chambers in states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, where the GOP is dead set on banning abortion, attacking the LGBTQ+ community, and trampling on voting rights.

But you may still be wondering … why are down-ballot races so important? It’s straightforward: State legislators have the greatest impact on our day-to-day lives, from the roads we drive on to the books our kids can read in school. In states with Democratic majorities, our lawmakers are using their power to defend abortion rights, protect access to the ballot box, expand Medicaid, and make progress on critical issues often stalled at the federal level.

Ready to join the fight?

The DLCC is powered by more than 250,000 supporters from all 50 states. Over 99% of our contributions come from grassroots donors (with an average gift of $39.40) who fuel thousands of local Democrats. Get involved today!