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100 Days Until Election, State Democrats Continue to Combat GOP Extremism

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — This weekend will mark 100 days until the general election. As the GOP continues to drift further to the right and force their hyper-extreme agenda on the American people, state Democrats are better resourced than ever to fight back against Republican abortion bans, attacks on fundamental rights, and anti-democratic threats to our election system while working to lower cost for hard-working Americans. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement on what’s at stake this fall: 

“With 100 days until the election, the 2022 midterms are shaping up to be one of the most important elections we’ve seen in recent years. In statehouses across the country, Republicans have engineered a stunning rollback of our fundamental rights. Millions have lost their right to an abortion, and many voters will face new restrictions purposely put in place by Republican lawmakers to make it more difficult to exercise their freedom to vote this November. 

“State Democrats and the DLCC are building a movement to defend Democratic power while challenging GOP extremism all across the map. But make no mistake: Republicans still hold significant systemic advantages in state legislatures. In order to overcome them, we must mount a historic challenge and continue to make strategic investments.

“We’ll do just that by holding the GOP accountable for unpopular abortion bans, attacks on our fundamental rights, and election conspiracies. The DLCC is better resourced than ever before and ready to defend our Democratic majorities, challenge vulnerable GOP-controlled chambers, and lay the groundwork to win the decade.”